Thursday, October 18, 2007

Music Artist Moran Rotman

About Moran Rotman
Moran was only 15 when she started to play guitar and write her own songs. For 4 years she trained herself before she hit the downtown Toronto scene to put on shows. At 20 she was picked up by one of Toronto's leading management teams. She worked hard for 3 years writing new material, travelling and rehearsing before being offered a record deal by a major Canadian record label. At the same time, Moran started questioning about life's deepest meaning and getting more interested in her Jewish roots and heritage. After a year of learning about Torah and Jewish Values she realized that this was truth and truly believed in all of the values that Judaism offered, the lifestyle drew her in and She became Torah observant. Moran turned down the record deal because she felt the music industry wouldn't be good for her character and spirituality, and that her priorities of becoming a rock star faded only to find that leading a fulfilling life was first on her list. She went home to Israel and again found herself performing in front of large crowds, her biggest was over 600! Moran is currently residing in Jerusalem and recording her first album, the release is anticipated for winter 2007.

She also performed in Women's Music Jam (You can still go to links to hear it)

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