Thursday, January 10, 2008

Up Coming Concert

Dear friends !

Something completly new ! You can win two free tickets for the next Jerusalem Folk Club if you send the correct answers to these 3 questions to

Who is the brilliant guitarist who plays on the song Hodu Lashem written by Devora Gila ? Hint : this splendid guitarist studied at the Rimon School of Jazz the same year than Aviv Gefen, and played also with Yehudit Ravits and David Orbach. You can find the answer on :
When did Israel win the Eurovision Contest with the song Halleluyah ?
Why did the legal adviser of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon send a letter to the songwriter David Orbach and what was David Orbach's reaction on Reshet Alef Shel Kol Israel ( Moreshet ) ? The answer is on Good Luck !

Following the huge success of the Jerusalem Folk Club last time, professional female performers requested to present their new CDs in front of the Ladies only Jerusalem Folk Club. It will take place on Motsaei Shabbat Yitro, Saturday 26.1, 8PM, at the Noam school, 32 Rabbi Chaim Vital, Kiryat Moshe.

8.00- 8.30 Rachael Orbach( clarinet, sax, flute ) duo with Sarah Cordish ( bassoon ) with Klezmer and the CD Batsheva. You can hear some of it on
8.30- 9.00 Devora Gila from Bat Ayin with her CD Hodu Lashem: A rich tapestry of melodies, meditative and danceable rhythms, and inspiring themes. 9:00- 9:30 Tsiporah Dagan, from Tekoa, Soul Blues, Shirei Kodesh.
9:30-10.00 Melave Malka, refreshments, food and Divrei Torah Rabbanit Aliza Levanon
10:00 Talia Applebaum, from Beitar, with her CD Flashes in the Darkness, folk, jazz, blues, ragtime and ethnic funk ! You can listen to her beautiful music on

Entrance fee: 20NIS. Free tickets for those who win the contest ! If you don't win the contest this week, there will be another contest next week ! Thank you very much for all the comments and all the very funny Jewish Humour

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המועדון הירושלמי למוזיקה יהודית
מזמין אתכן למופע
בבית הספר נועם
רבי חיים ויטל 32 קרית משה י-ם
במוצאי שבת פרשת יתרו י"ט שבט (26.1)
בשעה 20:00
רחל אורבך (י-ם) קלרינט ,שרה קורדש בסון (י-ם)
מוזיקה כליזמר טליה אפלבוים(ביתר)
ציפורה דגן (תקוע)
דבורה גילה(בת עין)
דברי תורה מהרבנית
עליזה לבנון
לפרטים:0545-999-228 כבוד קל
דמי כניסה 20 ₪ בלבד הכניסה לנשים ובנות בלבדשיעורי גיטרה,קלרינט,סקסופון וחליל צד: 0545-999-228 0548-444-228

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